Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Guest blogger rates Napa Rose!

I'm always talking about my friend Danielle because usually she is with me on my dining adventures, so it seemed rather appropriate that she would be my guest blogger today. Danielle went to the Napa Rose in Disneyland. I was eagerly awaiting her review as I had heard it was pretty good and had tried to get in once but it was booked (I ended up at the Storyteller's Cafe that night which is also in the Grand Californian. No comment.) Thanks for the great review Danielle.

Here we go!

Just wanted to share with you my experience at Napa Rose last night.

Although Stephanie said the wine pairing was actually quite good, we both agreed that the food was a bit lackluster for the price and for how the restaurant is touted as high-end for Napa Valley cuisine. She said she's had better experiences/meals on other occasions with her class and instructors when they dine out like this.

Each dish was tasty, but they all had some minor setbacks (save for dessert). The diver scallop was only lukewarm, the mushroom bisque was too bland (it needed salt, and I don't often add salt to dishes served to me), the ravioli either had not enough chicken or mushroom as the bed, and the lobster risotto was slightly on the the salty side as well.

My favorites were the butternut squash ravioli, which was piping hot and sooooo yummy, but I wish I had a plate-full of those for the rest of my meal! The salmon itself was quite delicious, and it was a generous portion. The dessert was wonderful, too! All in all, it was a nice meal, but nothing to recommend as stellar.

The menu was something like this:
Diver scallop with chunks of lobster in a lemon sauce and a hint of vanilla.
Butternut squash ravioli on a bed of chicken and mushroom.
Mushroom "cappuccino" bisque.
Grilled salmon on a bed of lobster risotto.

Scharffen Berger chocolate (flourless) cake with chocolate chunk ice cream.