Tuesday, December 06, 2005

"Wow, that's a big Buddha..."

Disclaimer: This is bad food bloggin.’ I drank a lot of unfiltered sake, and there was uhm, quite a ruckus at the table for most of the night… I should have taken notes.

At night Ten Asian Bistro turns into Tentation, a dance club. We didn’t stay for that. Although I should also note that it’s next to Panini—same oweners. (Note: Must check out Panini sometime soon!) Before I go any further, you have to go look at the virtual tour! Click here and then click the virtual tour link. This place is hot. The food is ok. I can honestly say that anything that was lacking in the food was easily made up for in ambience and not to mention the huge sexy bathroom. (Did I just call the bathroom “sexy?” Anyway.)

A small group of us went there to celebrate my roomy’s birthday last weekend. And here is where I will try to recall as much as I can, and then I will just inundate you with a bunch of pictures.

I tried about three things that I can really tell you about:

1. The Cantonese Crispy Duck with Lime Hoisin Sauce: The duck was the only dish whose presentation I didn’t think was great. The duck was served with little pita-type breads. They were made with the same stuff that the Chinese steamed buns are made out of. The duck was crispy and tasty. I think Danielle herself said it was good, but she could have gotten similar things elsewhere (for cheaper).
2. The Kung Pao Chicken: I got this. I have a bad habit of ordering things I am familiar with when I go out. I’m slowly learning my lesson. This dish was good, it was pretty, but not much to write home about. Too many peanuts.
3. Birthday mochi desert! This was cute. It was mochi served on a plate with a flavorful fresh raspberry sauce. A lot better than the normal scoop of icecream they bring you out for your birthday at most places! (Danielle says “Make sure you get some of the sauce!”)

Other things that were at the table (that I didn’t try): Shrimp and pea shoot dumplings, calamari, curry shrimp dumplings, and a chicken dish served in a cored pineapple. Even though I didn’t taste all of these things, buy they were all presented beautifully and looked delicious. One problem we ran into was that we didn’t even order the shrimp and pea shoot dumplings. Well this turned out to be not really a problem, but a freebie. They delivered it to our table on mistake and the hungry pack of wolves that we are just started digging in. Then the wait staff realized what they had done, and by then they were half eaten. When our correct appetizer came—the curry shrimp dumplings, they had to be sent back because they were cold in the middle. The restaurant just sent out another plate of them.

Stop for the great photo opportunity under the lighted waterfalls on your way out of the restaurant! Probably a nice place to go on a date.

Ten Asian Bistro
4647 MacArthur Blvd.
Newport Beach. 92660
(949) 660-1010


At January 27, 2006 12:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow...you finally posted this! LOL!!! Yeah, most of the food was yummy, and the prsentations were nice. However, it's really more about the ambiance, which was superb! The Peking duck was quite good, but I could get the same or better in Alhambra/San Gabriel for half the price. The little bao cakes they served with the duck are a tradtional accompaniment, so that was a very nice detail. OMG, that was such a FUN night!!! :)

At January 30, 2006 7:43 AM, Blogger elmomonster said...

Yaay! You're back! I've wondered about this place. Now I know...the mochi's do look enticing!

BTW, Panini is okay. Not great, not bad.


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